Helsinki Diplomatic Association CHARTER

1. The name of the organisation is “Helsinki Diplomatic Association (HDA)” and its place of domicile is the city of Helsinki, Finland.

2. The main purpose of the Association is to expand contacts between foreign diplomats in Helsinki and the Finnish community in the following ways:

a) By organizing meetings and events either on its own or in cooperation with representatives of Finnish political, cultural and economic life (with guest-speakers, debates etc.) to discuss current issues.

b) By arranging visits to Finnish organisations and trips to places of interest in Finland and abroad

c) By organising cultural, social, sporting or similar events for members and guests.

3. Membership in the Association is open to all career diplomats below the rank of Head of Mission. This includes all Trade, Commercial, Cultural, Scientific, Consular and Information officers accredited as diplomats by the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs,  members of International Organizations accredited to Finland, as well as Finnish diplomats.  Locally employed staff on the same level as mentioned above may also become members of the Association. There is no limit to the number of members from individual missions. Heads of Mission, are considered Honorary guests,  if they request to participate in  our regular HDA activities under the same conditions.

4. Members will contribute with an amount of 50 Euros to cover the costs incurred in administration and sponsoring certain events which will entitle the membership for 12 months, beginning on the date of the registrated payment to the Bank.

 5. The right to attend all functions and activities of the Association belongs to members and their spouses. The Board may open participation in selected activities to other dependents, other members of the diplomatic community listed in the Ministry for Foreign affairs of Finland List, and members of the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

6. The HDA Board is composed by , Chairperson, Vicechairperson , Treasurer, membership coordinator and five board members.

7. The Association will hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) of all paid-up HDA members at the beginning of the HDA year (September). The main business of the AGM will include: a report by the Chairperson on the Association’s activities in the previous year; the election of the Board and the discussion of views expressed by HDA members on points arising from the foregoing and other matter they may wish to raise. Members will be given adequate notice by circular of the date and agenda of the AGM.

8. The day-to-day business of the Association is managed by a Board, consisting of up to nine members, which will elect one of these members as a Chairperson of the HDA. The members of the Board may serve for more than one HDA year, subject to re-election at the AGM, which may however elect new members of the Board to replace serving members.

9. If positions on the Board become available during the HDA year, new members can be elected by written procedure. The Chairperson of the Board will inform members on new candidates for the Board by circular. The candidates must be approved by the majority of members participating in the election within the set time of one week. Abstentions do neither count as “yes” or “no”. *

10. Future changes to this Charters shall be approved only at an AGM.

11. In the event of the dissolution of the Association all of its official funds will be transferred to the Finnish Red Cross.

Reviewed and amended in the HDA General Assembly, on 11th September 2019

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